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Originally Posted by frodo1511 View Post
Meh, he'll break the record, but more people will remember Hank Aaron's run then Bonds' run.
Well, people remembered Babe Ruth's record until Aaron broke it. So I think Bonds will be remembered more rather than Aaron. In the long run. I mean, Aaron will be no. 2 on the list. And EVERYONE will talk about no. 1. NO ONE talks about no. 2. They might remember Aaron's run, the same way that people remember Maris' run or McGwire's run or Bonds' run at the single-season home run record.

But one must also remember, as others have already stated, Bonds was (and is) a more complete baseball than Aaron ever was. A five-tool player, a 40/40 man, multiple batting titles, MVP's, and Gold Gloves. Aaron's known as one of the more gentlemanly players of the game, but he was never a five-tool player, never a 40/40 man, and has not won as many individual awards as Bonds has. So in that sense, Aaron will be remember for beating Ruth. But Bonds will be remembered as one of the greatest players in the game, AND for beating Aaron.

And no, I would hate to see A-Rod win anything in an Angels uniform. I'll congratulate him on an individual job well done, but the Angels... the Angels...? (I won't vilify A-Rod himself, but I might just vilify him for being a Los Angeles Angel of Los Angeles. Oh, I'm sorry, of Anaheim...which is in Orange County, and not in L.A. County...) Not the most storied franchise in the history of baseball, either. (Bright, bright red and white thundersticks... reminds me of 2002, and five outs away from a World Series ring... so sue me, I'm bitter about it still.)
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