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Bonds is a great player. It's really too bad that this guy is getting so much shit when he should really be praised. He's one of the best hitters, good on the field for defense and he's looked up to by his fellow players (co-workers?)

Steriods don't make you have incredible skill. It really is a shame to see this controversy around this record and this player. And as my boss (who bleeds SF Giants blood) says "it's so hypocritical how the fans boo the player up and down the field, but when he's at bat you see nothing but camera flashes."

And, like Steben, I can't wait to see A-Rod beat record. And hopefully in an Angels shirt. Not becase I like the Angels (I like the Mets) but because I dislike the Yankees. And not because I like A-Rod as a player...but I'd like to see him take the record because I have one of his rookie cards
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