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Originally Posted by acliff
The NHS has so far, for me and mine, provided adequate service and healthcare. In fact they've even given me and my sister braces free of charge, even though we didn't actually have anything particularly wrong with them.

If you are ill then you will be treated. Now, those beyond help, the terminally ill are cared for too. Of course private healthcare is a bit more personal and may provide you with better/swifter care, but thats because you've just thrown money at the problem. The NHS is in my opinion, is one of the best healthcare systems in the world, in addition to our extended welfare state, which makes all the refugees and immigrants flock to British shores.
But the NHS is so overstretched. I realise that some of the scare stories about the state of our hospitals are a bit overdone, but we still have longer waiting times, fewer doctors per thousand, fewer nurses, and a poorer deal of everything that the developed countries we are supposed to be partners with, many of whom actually have fewer resources than we do.
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