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Baseball History

This thread will probably get more responses from American's but I'm sure my overseas friends will comment on it. Baseball history is about to me made. Barry Bonds is about to break Hank Aaron's Homerun record. It is hardly being mentioned in the news. He is at 754 and the record is 755. A lot people say he doesn't deserve the record because of steroid use. I have mixed feeling on this. Yes it gives today's players an unfair advantage over players from yesterday but I feel if it was available back then they would have taken them as well. And steroids have been around for a long time and they were no drug test for them 50 years ago so who knows for sure if they weren't taking them. This affects other sports, many records in all sports will be broken with the use of steroids. Do today's players deserve to break the old records? I say yes. Having muscles doesn't give you the talent it takes to play the game. It might make you hit, kick or throw further but that isn't enough to make you great.
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