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Wishing Keira a Long Career

Hi Everyone,
First post here. Saw Pride and Prejudice at the theatre and loved it. Ran across the dvd for sale at Walmart and have watched it 3 times the last 2 weeks. Still amazed Keira didn't win the Oscar for some truly special acting. I'm hoping that, while I know she's been around awhile, this is the start of an amazing career in the mold of Meryl Streep or Katherine Hepburn. These days too many actresses appear for a short time based on how hot they are physically with someone else around the corner pushing them aside when the public gets bored. Of course Keira's looks are amazing but that coupled with her acting talent makes me want to see all her future movies just for the joy of watching her hone her craft as she grows into womanhood. Is there an actress right now that people have to go see because her movies are always good? Cameron Diaz? Drew Barrymore? Angelina Jolie? The last actress I think had a run comparable to the biggest male stars was probably Jodie Foster. Helen Hunt did well for awhile. I'm hoping that Keira's career will last decades and be comparable to Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford. And that Hollywood recognises she's more than a pretty face, she's the once in a generation total package! Thanks Keira if you ever read this.
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