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I do what I can to take care of how I think I look: I shave, bathe/shower every morning & try to wear nice, presentable clothes even though I don't follow current fasion trends. I wash, hang & iron press most clothes to look civil as I can. Get my hair cut every 5 weeks & stylist cleans/trims my brows, etc. Since my wife dumped me, I don't know why I care as no one ever sees me with my shirt off, but I do70-80 sit-ups every day and I am thinking about getting my back waxed. It's not woolie hairy like an ape or anything, but when I look over my shoulder into the mirror, I think it wouldn't hurt too bad to burn the $80 to have the local spa rip my back clean. You never know when/if one of my friends will ask me to come over for a swim or trip to the beach. Maybe it will help my self esteem, etc...couldn't hurt to like the way I see myself even if the girls only think of me as a very plain, old dude. at least I won't be "the hairy one".
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