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Catch-22. It's a good book. I think Bush should have read it before he decided to go to Iraq. (Really, the United States--of which I am a citizen--can really go nowhere in Iraq. If we leave, then the fledgling (?) government (?) will have the hardest time of all trying to protect itself from the demands of theocracy and warlordship, as well as anarchy and unrest, not to mention the possibility of military juntas.

(And if the U.S. decides to stay, then we're just going to have to commit more lives to the conflict. And so is Iraq. And so is every Arab nation in support of Iraq.

(It's really a big mess over there in the Middle East, because we're acting like the peacemakers, when really the Arabs don't want our kind of peace. Really, they want to be left alone to do their own thing; after which, it may or may not be possible to negotiate with them later. I really don't know why we still keep troops there: if we remove all the troops, we may get a little hit upon our pride, but still, pride over blood? Oil over blood? Be reasonable. Hey, we the U.S. have to know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em.

(And to top things off, we're still the major supporter of Israel in the Middle East--the only non-Muslim nation in the entire Middle East. And because both Israel and the U.S. are symbols of Western influence upon a region that despises Western influence, yet requires Western influence in most of its dealings, the use of force in integrating democracy into a region that demands theocracy--or at least a combination of both--seems rather ludicrous to me. You would think that it would be slightly more profitable to deal with Arab nations after they have solidified a government that may not be democratic, but still supports Western interests [like Saudi Arabia]. I always thought people should have the right to political determination, not having political determination forced down their throat. There's a difference between giving people democracy, and force-feeding them democracy.)
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