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Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
I'm sure he works on eliminating his carbon foot print and all that, but that's not the way it should work.

It's not a game of "I can afford to compensate for my carbon foot print, so just let me be." That just turns it into "I am rich and you are not, so you better make sure you don't cause global warming. Hey, I'm buying trees."

If these are really his ideals, why does he not try his best to minimise his carbon footprint before planting trees comes in? It's not that hard to turn a light of or to share a jet in the fancy business class department.
I have all the respect in the world for Leonardo DiCaprio. He practices what he preaches.
He drives a hybrid all the time, not just when he wants to make a point.
He flies commercial.
He does as little damage as possible so that the measures he takes actually do some measure of good. Al Gore is simply a political being. He'll use anything to gain political leverage, and his lever of choice happens to be the environment.
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