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Originally Posted by Keira lover View Post
i agree with you on the environmentally friendly lifestyle, but it just infuriates me that the hippocriotical former VP is the messia of the cause.
Originally Posted by Flightfreak View Post
Ah yes private jets, do you really expect him to fly all around the world with this:

All Gore is not an average American with an average job in an average life.

If he is not an avg. American, what is he? what, is it, "all hail the former VP, sore-looser in 2000, etc.."


Private jet, not planes. That is a picture of a plane, not a jet. by jet i mean like a mine 747 for 1 person. Me, I want a private jet. The difference between me and Algore: I'm not the messiah of the gree movement
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