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Originally Posted by Ranman View Post
You know the bull coming out of your mouth is knee deep. Alot of republican want to put a stop to the war right now. In vietnam congress cut off the funding for the war and woah the war was over. for now they gave the troops everything they need, nothing has been with held so let them have their hearings, what are you afraid of? people finding out the only winning going on is the Vice prez,s buddies in haliburton
first of all, what does your first sentence mean? second of all, funding for 'Nam was cut off because of polical pressure from the left, who, ironically, are of full blame for 'Nam. And, I am sick of the hearings because they have no standinbg in law. Do you have any idea the price of those hearings? salaries, security, stenographers, catering, etc...

thats millions of dollars.

and, they time they are wasting over the Libby commutation and the US attorneys is not a good use of that money. We have men dying. And the dems, Schumer especially (how my fellow New Yorkers are that stupid, I don't know), have no legal standing. The president of the United States has the total power to pardon, and to fire US attorneys, or did you forget that Pres. Clinton and AG Janet Reno fired 92 US attorneys. And in the area of war, Congress has 2 powers:

Declare war-they did that
Power of the Purse-No come in Congress is going to cut our troops' food supply or equipment.

Congress can not pass legislation to withdraw troops or make other military decisions. That is the sole power of the President of the United States of America, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (with the president's approval) and the commanders on the ground. If you do not believe me, read the Constitution of the United States of America.

And, I am tired of the anti-corporate/anti-Halliburton crap. Halliburton is an energy company. We need energy. and, corporations are not evil. they are businesses. for god sakes, it's just business was an excuse for everything for years.
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