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She should stop showing herself off. If she were to hide away and do her filthy little secrets where they should be--as SECRETS--then maybe she wouldn't be getting so much attention. (In a way, she relishes the attention she gets, good or bad. After a childhood of neglect and stunted emotional growth from being a youth actress, she needs to get her kicks somehow.)

She has major issues with insecurity and self-control. For one, she has never felt herself as beautiful, never believed it for a second. She only listens to what promises those charming men (of Smithean ilk) have ever told her, and then acted accordingly upon it. She certainly has anger management issues as well: it's basically self-rebellion. If she has no real parents to rebel against, she becomes her own parent/child complex: essentially, there are times when she does lay low, and acts as a maternal figure to her own psyche. But most of the time, when she gets tired of being goody-two-shoes, she lets it all out.

Now I don't really care if she gets into drugs (who doesn't in Hollywood?) or boozes it up at clubs. What scares me is the fact that she has an unconscious death wish: she wants to risk things; she wants to risk her life, to see how far she can take it. Combine the ideals of youthful immortality ringing in her ears, with the depraved reality-as-illusion of the celebrity life. She doesn't know who means anything, and if anything means anything at all.

She has trust issues. If you can't trust your parents, who really can you trust? So she keeps her heart locked. Her affections are affectations, really. She hides behind masks, behind masks, behind masks. Does one feel that she is really sorry for all the crimes she has committed? I don't think so. If anything, it fuels the flame for more. She knows it's wrong to commit these things, but hell, she loves the attention. She couldn't get attention by being a good girl--though I swear she would if she even considered it (i.e., really being her character on "Mean Girls")--so she gets people looking at her by DUI's and coke possession.

Besides, she's a celebrity. She pays the LAPD off a little, goes to some charity event, and everyone laughs it off like it's something that little girls do on the weekends. But something goes terribly awry when every day and every night becomes a similar weekend in itself.

Also, if she feels that her life really is unsatisfying, and she has all the money to spend in the world, why not spend it on drugs? It keeps things static. It keeps the chaos and darkness that surrounds her on all sides from closing in on her completely. I mean, who are her real friends? She sees ulterior motives everywhere she goes.
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