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Originally Posted by Ranman View Post
How do you know that? was he ever your lawyer? he ever fleece you? or are you quoting the likes of rush and ann?
It's a well known fact that personal injury attorneys reap the lion's share of settlements, often leaving victims in worse shape than they would have been in had they simply settled.
I'm not taking a swipe at all attorneys, I just happen to view personal injury attorneys with disdain. I've seen the huge settlements gobbled up by law firms while the actual victims were left in dire financial straits once a settlement had been reached.
When Monsanto was found guilty of polluting the environment of Anniston, Alabama, the company was fined $700,000,000.
The average plaintiff, whose health had been damaged beyond repair by PCB contamination, received about $7,000.
Johnny Cochran made $29,000,000.
Jere Beazley, the lead attorney in Alabama made $34,000,000.
Seems equitable to me.
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