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Originally Posted by Jacoby View Post
Yeah, because the 2/3 of us who have health insurance in America get top quality service. I actually spent 20 dollars today on a checkup with my doctor. Sure it was a good visit because I've known her my whole life, but 20 dollars just to talk for 5 minutes. That should be covered.

I love how one-sided this summation is. Jesus Christ, it's embarassing.
Also one thing I find incredibly ironic in this post is how you misspelt "hypocrite" when trying to bitch out Hillary Clinton. You actually wrote "Hippocrate" which is much closer to Hippocrates, who is an Ancient Greek Psyciatrist, known as the Father of Medicine and one of the most important figures in Health for his society.
And what a weak argument against Edwards, his hair is expensive... okay. And as you said, "the poor people who love [sic] across the street hate him." think America is in the best standing when you have POOR FUCKING PEOPLE living across the street? Jesus, are you even human?

And Obama wants the "benefit for the'common good' which is NOT how the country was meant to work"? How was it meant to work? So the rich people can fuck the asshole of the poor? That's bullshit.

How old are you anyway? You sound like a fucking 12 year old who just regurgitates what his ignorant, conservative father yells at the T.V. each night...right before he beats his least favorite son.

And learn to write clearly. It's important to be coherent if you want to be President of the Free World. will be after this current president.
The country was designed based on a capitalist economy: people work for what they have. You work hard, you get ahead. You don't, you end up poor. Simple as that. The gov't was not set up to address social issues and help people who won't help themselves. The government derives it's power from the people and only purpose is to provide for the common defense and enforce and make laws, based on the constitution, which I suggest you reAd. That is it. No welfare, no coddling those who don't work hard.

And, John Edwards lives accross from a trailer park. I saw an interview with many of those people: most hated him. And I couldn't care less about his haircut if he didn't talk about 2 Americas and demonizes the rich who have. for the most part, worked hard to get where they are (Carnegie, Rockeffeler, Bloomberg, Gates,etc...), while he is making the problem worse with these $1,200 (it turns out we had the price wrong) and the huge mansions, etc..

And, it was a typo. Give me a fucking break. I just misspelled (not misspelt) one word. maybe, I should see a psychiatrist? figure it out. looks whose talking.
Welfare is not the gov't job. It is the job of the individual to provide for himself. I will not pay for someone else's surgery or health care if all they do is get high and drunk. I follow the law and work hard. The guy i described doesn't.

Oh, I am 15 years old. I am my father's only true son (not counting his wife's kids), and have 2 sisters. My father is an independent (college-educated, political science major,), my mother is blue blooded (teacher). And, Note, I am not known for compassion. I am known for my far right views and interesting personality, all of which i have developed myself over my lifetime. I am a cold, ruthless, power hungry individual. But what's new? And, I never said that I was fair and balanced, did I. of course it's one sided! It's commentary.

Leonie, I though I was the only one who saw that in Algore.
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