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Wasn't sure where to put this (in terms of the correct board, so move it if you like) but it seems people have sort of forgotten to listen to the officers the same as they do to mods...thought this may help...this is basically the hierarchy of KKW as I see it (but of course an admin may disagree and change this post)

Newcomer (these people are just fodder...we can bully and belittle them all we no...only kidding )

Member (Yes, that's us mere plebs)

Officer (Important members...there to sort of informally enforce rules, give input and try and ease the burden of the mods a little...they'll aim to steer a topic back on topic, the mods or admins will probably just lock it )

Moderator (These people have powers...and they've got a license to use them...if you don't obey they'll just lock...don't THINK they have the power to ban, except for Ducky as chief mod, but I'm not sure...they have the power to edit posts, and I believe delete them.)

Admins (These are our Gods...if they say it it IS law...but they've already said that what the mods say goes...and I believe the unwritten rule is that this often applies to officers too...they've been given the icons of recognition for a reason by the admins, so they're the eyes, ears and mouths of the big bosses...bear that in mind).

Hopefully this'll be of assistance to some people
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