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When I was small, the some of my favorite toys were the Transformers and I remind to myself to have dreamed on from that it would go on if these were real, have seen many "proper movies" of Transformers and have dreamed that some day I will see a really movie of these fascinating creatures (and up to today I consider them to be not less fascinating) - a result of the human imagination of the beginnings of the robotics epoch.

And this day finally has come. I say it without any exaggeration. It is extremely difficult to put in a scene something so enormous and in the same time as unreal as a car-robot and to do except that it works harmonically with the whole history and interacts with the personages of same, and other robots! It is a big and hard work (see the movie), which alone Spilberg might do with the direction of Bay and his peculiar style, although flatter than a table.If, the performance is painful, the casting - the worst thing (now, days, after seeing the movie, I can not remember of only one face those that they have interpreted... the curves of Fox it is what more he emphasizes , after the robots and the action scens. The narrative (they do not confuse with the history) is a little infantile, but Transformers is a movie for adolescents! So it is not necessary to demand very much.

The phrase that I have liked:
-"We are more than we can see..." Optimus Prime

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