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Originally Posted by Ranman View Post
I haven't started a thread in a while so here it goes

In a year and a half, we in America will
elect a new President. I wanted to talk a little about
this, starting by a discussion about the candidates.
Lets start with the Republican candidates

Note: We will not elect a president. We will vote, and then the congressmen and senators will the cast there electoral college vote based on the popular votes from their district. This is a republic and how the framers intended.

John Mccain, who I actually like a little. He's been called
the Democrat of the Republican party. But his age and
position on the war will will keep him from winning.

John Sidney McCain III has standed by what he believes and never changes his views based on public opinion. he has fought for this country and was taken prisoner for it. He was tortured, and survived. He has never given in.

Rudy Gulliani, Who I hate. And In Republican family
morality party, He's been divorced twice and is
pro choice and supports gay people.

Rudolph Guiliani held the city of New York together during 9/11. He went to the scene, he took control of the situation, he attended hundreds of the funerals, he was America's Mayor. He sent Fat Tony Salerno up the river, he cut taxes 23 times, he cut crime and unemployment and cleaned up the NYPD. He took New York from one of the most dangerous cities in the countrie to the safest. Now, either you have no idea what Rudy has done, are am ultra-liberal partisan, high, or a criminal/

Oh, and McCain's been divorced a couple of times, now.

Mitt Romney, He's been Pro choice and
supported gay people most of his career
(but has changed his position as of late).
He is a Mormon, so he could have more than
one wife in the White House

Gee, and I thought the "progressives'' were the open minded ones and the conservatives were the bigots. Gee, guess I'm wrong. How low can you go. How can you impeach a man based on his religious beliefs. Romney is not a polygamist, but how can you insult the man on his religion. Have you no decency? At long last, have you no decency?

Fred Thompson, He's acting in Law and Order right now. nuff said.
L&O is a good show, and Thompson is a Regean-esc conservative (nut he won't be the next gipper, tho. Because only the gipper can be gipper and he is kind of dead.) And, Thompson has left Law and Order.

Newt Gringrich, Who I really hate, While Clinton was
getting a BJ and showing us a good use for cigars.
He had his own filthy sex romp going on. Cheating
on your wife is one thing but cheating with a women
with a face of a mule is another. And he's been divorced.

Gingrich had an affair well leading the charge against Bill Clinton for lying under owth, which is a class E felony, at least in New York. Clinton said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...Ms. Lewinsky." Now if a BJ is not sexual (note, i did not say it was sex, just that it was sexual), then why is forcing one to give you one a sex crime? He did have a sexual relation with that woman. I do not understand, however, why he would risk his career, his legacy, on a BJ with a woman who looked like Monica Lewinsky? I would never risk my political career on that. Oh, and what's wrong with Fmr. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich? He lead the republican revolution in 1994. Man, was it a great day when they retook Congress. I'm still crying about the Dem control of the 110th Congress. Mark My Words: The GOP WILL retake the house, and the Senate in 08, 2010, and god willing , 2012.

Lets talk democrats

Hillary Clinton, I do like her but half the country hates
her with a passion and I don't think this country is
ready for a women President.

You must be high. Clinton wants to nationalize health care, which will cause a total breakdown of our health care system, causing people to wait months, not days to see a doctor, causing hundreds of deaths from step-throat. And even if her system is even OK, how will we pay for it? Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. Do you want to pay more taxes? Then the government would grow, and grow and grow. Then we'd be left with a bloated bureacracy that will soon fall. The small departments wont work together and finally, the gov't would just collapse. It would be all over. All those millions of good men, the founders, the soldiers, the people, who fought, who sacrificed, who died for the American experiment would be forgotten, and there sacrifices would have been in vain. God, do I hope I am dead and forgotten when that happens. I would rather die than allow this country to falter, to fail, to die as had so many great societies have done before. Now, these are the times that try mens' souls.

Barack Obama, I like him too but with only two years
experience in the senate and being the first real black
candidate, not much of a chance. It makes me sad
to say that I don't think America is ready for him.

Obama is not the first black candidate. Shirley Chisom ran in the early 20th century. She was a black woman.

John Edwards, he's a one term senator and an ex trial lawyer.

Edwards was an ambulance chaser, and a disgusting, hippocritical human being.

There are a few others, feel free to discuss them.
I really want to hear from non-Americans on these candidates
Note: there are like 20 more.

I did edited it, ignore the quote thing
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