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No lets look at the GOP

Rudy: held together NYC after 9/11 and is dedicated to the world on terror
McCain: stands by his beliefs and principles, and doesn't change his views on even numbered years.
Romney: has a record as a fiscal conservative.
Thompson: Reagan-esc, believes in winning war on terror

The Dems:
Hillary: her health care system will destroy the greatest health care in the world, (We are 1st, not 30 something, Micheal Moore) Liar, hippocrate, flip flopper, etc..... need i go on
Edwards: fights for the poor while having $400 hair, and the poor people who love across the street hate him.
Obama: a good mas, but is too idealistic and would likely hurt us by trying to benefit the "common good" which is NOT how are country was meant to work.

Oh, and if Gore ran, hed put all Federal funding toward "global warming" and away from fighting terror (hey, the environment is great, but it is less important than PREVENTING THE DESTRUCTIOPN OF THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH, THAT HAS SAVED BILLIONS OF LIVES AND PREVENTED WORLD DOMINATION BY CRAZY SYCHOPATHS, TWICE.)

Oh, and health care, if we put the government in charge, what was a week long wait for an appointment would become 6 months. Although, The US is NOT a democracy, but a Republic. Our system of government and taxes were not designed by the founding fathers for "the common good" but to provide the necessary, but minimal funding for the government. This money went to the military and salaries, and the little do dads and what nots needed, like paper for bills and courts and ink. Our welfare system must be abolished. The US was set up so that those who work hard get ahead, and those that don't work, don;t get ahead. Not so that the left can get the poor to vote for themby demonizing the rich, who, oh my god, actually worked for their wealth (if you don't believe they worked for it, her are 2 examples: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett)

Oh, and those of you against gun ownership, I have some text for you:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infriged.

that was the second amendment, and if you can impeach the founders, you must be one of them.

So, if we like our country, Rudy is the best choice, or McCain.
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