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Originally Posted by Ranman View Post
This is America, We only believe in God when another country has a stronger belief in their God. These days we only care about human beings when oil is involved.

I truly believe that the Dem's will nominate Hillary for the following reasons. The Dem's don't really want to take power in 08. whoever takes over will have a cluster fuck on their hands. No one from either party has a clue on how to win in Iraq. If we stay there, Americans die. If we leave, total chaos and the notion that a little country like Iraq can beat America will no doubt Influence Muslim's around the world, that we can be beat. The reason for nominating Hillary for this is she probably can't win in the general election. The only issue that unites the Republican party these days is their hatred if Hillary. Obama kind of has the same effect for different reasons. Republicans don't like black people. When Republicans look at Obama and his staff on stage they think there is a sale going on and they can buy some farm help. This country is not ready for a black man as president(sorry to say that). This is the first time a independent has a chance to win. Mike Bloomberg, The mayor of New York city has like a ga-zillion dollars is interested in running. He could buy the whole thing.

I hope Ralph Nader will run again. He is anti big government and pro environment. The lobbying groups all hate him and thats a good sign.
thanks for the information but i will appreciate if you could provide me more than just personalities but issues sound policy. like their position in iraq war. nuclear programs of iran and korea, and the seeming to start up cold war between russia and u.s.

the regional cooperation agreements balancing policies. the world bank policies. etc.


uppss, why is there a need to win the war in iraq. let us recall the objective of the us soldiers occupancy of iraq. it is about wmd. but no wmd was found. so what now? iraqi different tribes resist the presence of us soldiers in their territory.

u.s citizen also resist the continuing and increasing death rate of the brave americans in iraq.

US liberated iraq from saddam, but who will liberate iraq from U.S.?
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