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I always follow these things closely, and my predictions are usually right....
I think it's going to come down to Romney and Clinton.

I don't like either. Hillary comes across as far too scripted; even when she's supposedly being "casual", it's all wrong. Plus, she's too controversial. Too many people would NEVER accept her. Why the dumbass Democrats are seeming to favor this candidate over the obviously rock solid Obama is just as ridiculous as their selection of John Kerry in 2004. And John Edwards? He remains as pathetic as ever.

Romney, on the GOP side, is a douchebag. His health care plan involves REQUIRING everyone to get health insurance, regardless of whether they can afford it. Those who fail to meet the obligation are penalized come tax time, even the poor. There are millions of people who would be fucked by such a system. To the working poor, an extra 150 dollar a month bill is not payable. And the idea of such individuals getting help from the government is laughable. The American system is not capable of dealing with such a complex matter so cleanly.

While Gulliani and McCain are getting all of the attention, Romney is quietly raising almost as much money as they are, and finding support in the Republican base, which I can't see going for Rudy in the end, given his background and philosophy. The addition of Fred Thompson into the mix will screw McCain's already declining chances -- they pull in the same types of voters.

In the end, I suppose I would prefer Clinton to Romney, only because her presidency would likely be nastier, and I enjoy hostile politics. Since I have abandoned the idea that the American government is capable of producing leaders and programs that REALLY solve any problems, I have come to regard politics are mere theater -- a form of entertainment, along the lines of a soap opera. Or wrestling. A Hillary presidency would be more entertaining. You know -- more body slams, and hopefully someone getting hit from behind with a folding chair....

One thing that I DO enjoy, though, is watching Bush's administration fall apart. How the mighty have fallen! I hope the Dems keep up the unrelenting pressure on those fuckheads without actually acting on it. Let there be smoke, but no fire. Politically, that's more helpful.
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