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Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
I assume you've just started using photoshop. If I'm wrong, I'll insert my foot into my mouth. Just a quick suggestion: The pink you're using in your blend is way too hot pink for the images you're using. The colors you use for your graphic should reflect the image itself. Try making a color pallette in photoshop (or whatever you're using) by using the drop tool and sample different colors of the picture. I usually do that around 4-6 times to get a color scheme. It makes it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

As for the wallpaper, the blending isn't bad. The text however, seems out of place. Sometimes text isn't even necessary to get the effect you want.

And they're not bad, btw.
thank you for the suggestion Mandy! it is greatly appreciated.

the first small images are very nice. The wallpaper's great too, but I think it would look even better without the "Keira Knightley" text.
Thank you and I agree with you guys that The Keira Knightley text is off..I actually realized it after Ive done it.

Hmmm not bad i think i like that.I see you can good work on photo programs.
You like me
Hhaha i'm joking good work
thank you!
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