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I cannot to imagine potc without Keira and Orlando.They were talking rot.If they did it,potc would lose a lot of spectator.

Keira Knigthley and Orlando Bloom are not expected to reprise their roles. (from
are they kidding?Mr.Bloom and Ms.Knightley took seriously their roles.I think they played the most difficult roles with successfully.Especially,Keira
played well.Because,"Powerful and fighter person" role isn't easy for a woman.

Bloom & Knightley’s involvement would be too costly for less popular characters.(from

I don't agree that Orlando and Keira are too expensive, haven't you seen the film? they could hardly reprise their roles as their story lines have naturally concluded. It would make things really complicated as at the end of POTC3 it jumped 10 years to show Wills next step onto land to his wife and son so I don't see how they could include his and Elizabeths story. The rest of the characters can come back and search for the fountain of youth and that would be a good story to look forward to.

by Julie, England

I agree this comment
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