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I loved the movie. Definitely better than the 2nd. For me it is a tie with the 1st. I went last week with my sisters. I felt so stupid because I was crying in the end in the public theater. Not only did I get teased by my sisters, but people were staring at me! I thought it was very emotional when Will and Elizabeth got married and Will got stabbed in the heart and in the end when Will gave Elizabeth his heart because she had always had it. So sweet!! My heart melted. I wish a guy would tell me that.

It was very funny when they went to Singapore (spelling?) and they checked her for weapons and she kept on pulling them out for what seemed like forever. Hilarious!

I thought for the 4th (if they have one), they should have Elizabeth fight Jack for eternal youth then find a way to be with Will on the Flying Dutchman. That was before I found out there was a scene after the credits. So I wonder if the 4th is going to be 10 years in the future or if it will continue from where the actual film left off?

Since we left during the credits I didn't see that scene - does anyone have a link for it on the web? We live in a small town and POTC 3 won't come till like August (one movie comes at a time) and I don't wanna wait that long. We had to go to the city to watch POTC 3. So, a link would be greatly apprecciated!
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