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this is the next chapter and it is about Keira!

Part 2: Class Time

“Ok guys, now that we all have our assigned seats it is time to get down to work,” said Orlando, “but before we start does anyone have any questions?”

One girls hand shot up. “Yes Tiffany,” said Orlando.

“I just wanted to know what it was like filming Pirates of the Caribbean.” Said Tiffany.

“Do you guys really want to know…” said Orlando, sitting at his desk.

He got up and rubbed his chin, “Ok then, well it was…. AWESOME because I got paid to sword fight! It was also very interesting filming the movies because of all the action scenes. We all had to learn how to use swords to fight. But the best part was working with Keira and Johnny. They are the best. We had such a great time filming the movie,” said Orlando, “and now it is time to start class.”

“Already?” said Anne.

“Yes guys now come on,” said Orlando holding blank pieces of white paper.

“Today we are going to start writing a paper.”

The class moaned. “Oh come on guys it is not that bad. You can always get creative while writing papers, especially in this class. The paper is going to be on what you want to be when you grow up. Now when you get your paper you may begin.”

Anne started thinking. She had not really planned what she wanted to be when she grew up, but she had to decide now. She turned around to her sister and gave her a thumbs up. Elizabeth just groaned.

The idea finally came to her. Anne knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She wanted to be an actress.

Ten minuets passed and Orlando stood up and said, “Ok now it is time to read them to the class, who wants to go first?”

All the girls hands shot up wanting to be the first person to read their paper. “Anne why don’t you go first and then we will go by first.” said Orlando.

“With pleasure!” said Anne while turning around and smirking to the rest of the class.

Everyone’s paper said the same thing. The girls all wanted to be actresses. Elizabeth poked Anne, “I was supposed to be the only one who really wanted to be an actress!”

“Well… welcome to 9th grade.” Elizabeth said.
“Now time to give out homework!” said Orlando excitedly.

The class groaned. “But Mr. Bloom it is only the first day of school, why do we have homework already?” said Tiffany.

“Guys the only homework I am giving you is to go home and type your papers to turn them in.” said Orlando.

The bell rang. All at once every said, “Bye Mr. Bloom!” and left.

As Elizabeth and Anne were on their way out Orlando called them back in. “Do you both have English II next?”

“Yes sir.” Anne said.

“Well please tell Keira hello for me.” He said.

“Sure thing. Have a Great Day Mr. Bloom!” Said Anne.

“Wait … do you really think?” Elizabeth said to Anne as they walked out the room.

“No Elizabeth its not possible!”

“Well where have I heard that before… Oh yes. I remember when you doubted that he was our teacher, but it happened. Have an open mind. Geese!” Elizabeth said as they headed off to break.

It was time to go to class once again, and Elizabeth was so excited but Anne was still doubting it. As they walked into room 53 they saw their teacher bending down picking up some papers on the floor. “See Elizabeth, she’s just a normal teacher.” Anne said as she put down her books.

“Anne that is no normal teacher!” Elizabeth said while poking Anne.

“Hello girls!” said a very familiar voice.

Anne looked up and to her surprise saw her favorite actress Keira Knightley standing in front of her! “Are you…” said Anne.

“Yes I am. I am your new English II teacher Miss Knightley.” Keira said.

The rest of the girls had the same response as they looked at the beautiful Pirates of the Caribbean star, dressed in a cute yellow sundress and silver ballet flats.
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