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As an old-fashioned Tory, I think the NHS would be much better off if we stopped paying for it from the government down and started paying from the patient up.

In 2002-03, central government spent about £50 billion on healthcare. That's about the same as it received from VAT (a little less, but close enough).

If we abolished £50 billion worth of taxes, all taxpayers would be about £1,500 better off.

Then we could all start to pay for our own medical treatment on the NHS on demand.

I think that health in Britain is another one of those areas where people think that the socialists, led by Clement Attlee after the war, did us all a great deed. Yet at last people are starting to realise that it's not good enough to preach about the principles of the NHS, because nobody cares about ideology if they're laying on the floor in a hospital waiting room because your hospital can't afford any beds.

Well, that's what I think!
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