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Originally Posted by bryan
since I am uh, beautiful beyond comprehension I should have no trouble attracting every female that is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of my glowing figure.
That's what I tell myself everyday.

Originally Posted by bryan
There are alot of close-minded bigots where I live and so it's pretty difficult to find a girl with a decent character if you know what I mean. People around here don't really know much about the world outside of their bubble so they don't really know any better. For example, a friend of mine has never felt snow.
Anyway, I wonder if anyone would fall for my pseudo-British accent. I've been practicing. Sort of.
The fact that you're from California and you said that, I can relate... a lot. I could use that excuse about how pathetic the people (or girls) are from where I live, but nobody seems to buy it. Something a lonely person would say. That's bullshit, because I've never felt snow. To be honest, I've never been out of California. Like you said, perhaps I've never been out of my own bubble, but it's a big and comfortable bubble... so there's no rush. I pretty much amaze myself whenever I'm in a different city, it's so different and peaceful. Sometimes I can't even believe there is a place called England. There's a whole world out there, and I haven't seen anything.

I need help.
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