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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice View Post
thus proving my point about how stupid this poll is. How can she have two *best* roles?
This poll will be obviously biased, like Mandy said, seeing as AWE just came out and everyone's so giddy about it.

Maybe the title is just wrong, it should be more "vote for Keira's greatest performances" or "which do you think were the most striking of all these?".
I voted for P&P, I adore that movie (which is very weird, seeing as I hate romantic movies and usually like a little morbid twist in them, apart from all the mushiness); but also think "Domino" was quite a performance, it demanded a lot from her and she was thoroughly convincing as a kick ass fearles hunter; clashes with reality and bad haircut (which I actually liked, a LOT) aside.

Then again, I haven't seen Pure, Dr. Zhivago, nor The Jacket; for the simple reasons that they haven't arrived here in the shape of a goddamn dvd. I'll have to look them up, but til then I stand by this statement.

/ends speech.
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