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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Exactly. I think you'll find many of us have been here rather a long time (I believe I've been here...christ has it really been nearly 4 years?) and the Keira obsession fades in time. Once you realise she really isn't THAT gorgeous (though I wouldn't say no) or that talented (although there are plenty of young actresses who're worse). Anyone who's been here a while and is still KK obsessed tends to mocked until they either leave or fall into line with the rest of us.

That and the fact that "love" is a word that shouldn't be used lightly.
I've been viewin this site since after the second pirates movie came out but only bothered to make an account recently.. i was "obsessed" for a while but it didnt last long.. dont get me wrong im not a crazy stalker fan but i dunno.. i still love her ay....
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