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Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
I took these earlier today at the small ancient cemetery we have here in my middle of the country. For such a grim place, it's really very beautiful.

I don't know much about composition and whatnot since I've never taken any photography classes so hopefully I can get some decent comments.
I hope you don't mind me commenting like this, but it's a visual medium and I think it would be easier than scrolling up and down to see what I'm talking about.

Compositionally, I like this one...except for the horizon. It is about halfway up the frame, and that is a little bit jarring from a compositional standpoint. A useful rule to remember is the rule of thirds. Basically, you divide the frame into thirds vertically and horizontally. Your focal point should fall on one of these lines.

This photo works well along the lines of the rule of thirds. The perspective is a bit pedestrian though. Combine the angle of the road in the first one with the horizon on the third with this one and you've got a stunner.

Get closer. A wide angle of tombstones works better in Arlington National Cemetary because of the numbers. Here, I'd rather see the texture of the tombstones.

Now that I've told you to get closer...back up. Just a smidge. I'd like to see a little more sky. Also, play around with fill flash to shed a little more light on the subject. It will help bring out some of the details.

On this one, I'd say frame it so there's some negative space on the left side. Compositionally, this feels a bit heavy.

Overall, an excellent sampling. One other thing, look into some filters if you want to keep shooting black and white (which you should, because contrary to what mongoose says and white is beautiful) such as red and green. A red filter helps deepen your sky and make the clouds pop. Green is really good for bringing out textures, particularly in male portraiture.
In lieu of fill flash, try carrying a piece of white poster board and prop it so it bounces a little light onto the subject. This will open up some of the details a bit.
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