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I've got a TON of new pics to share (all c/o and whoever they got them from). Most are paparazzi pics, but who cares. I'm not submitting them or anything and there's no law that says we can't LOOK at pap photos, so here ya go:

Leaving Regis and Kelly :

Moving in with Jamie:

Shopping in London with Jamie:

Shopping with a pal back in November:

In Teddington Park with Jamie:

She and Jamie make quite a couple, I think!

Some nice shots from Leno:

Some new, random images:

^^ I wonder where that pic was taken? She looks absolutely gorgeous! Looks like she did in Love Actually.

^^ A color version of an older one from Newsweek.

^^ No idea when and where that one was taken.

^^ From the Interview magazine shoot.
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