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Originally Posted by CFC
In the US we do not have socialized health care. In the US or any country for that matter, should the government put aside money to set up a free health care system? Would a social health care system be as good as a private one or even better?

I ask this because this week I had a medical exam at a free clinic for the DOD(Department of Defense). I noticed a few differences between the free center and the doctors office I usually go to.

For you people who have socialized health care, how is your system?

Which one do you think is better socialized or private?
The NHS is awesomeness, it just needs modernising and some throwing of cash at it...sadly governments give with one hand and taketh away with the other...but yeah, I'd say our healthcare system, on the whole, does remarkably well on what little investment it gets. I think a lot of the staff are more in it for the caring aspect than the paycheck too, as they get paid so little...I think when you're earning more money you're more inclined to see patients as customers...whether that's good or not I'll leave you to decide.
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