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I am really sorry to become impertinent in a few moments.

Where I live people have become, I would say, immensely concerned with ecological lifestyle. For example, ten years ago nobody cared what kind of substance one was throwing away to the bins. It would be burnt anyway. Today, I can see that all the measures put up on a communal and national level to promote "recycling" and "nature-friendly" ways of living are favoured not only by a bunch of idealists or vegetating woodstock hippies but by a great deal of citizens, educated or not. It pretty much resembles an instinct. I think there is a great potential for optimism based on restraining yourself from choosing the simple possibility : not caring at all.

Nevertheless, it all seems absurd if it wonīt be applied in every country. I believe that this is not going to happen ever... especially because of quest of wealth. You wonīt be able to ban "unhealthy" methods of gaining profit in countries and in peopleīs mentality that are not rich. Ecology, protection of Mother Earth is a luxury product for people who can afford to change lifestyle. Therefore, a poor African dude will throw away his dirt just as ever because he doesnīt and doesnīt want to care (something I witness everyday here in Paris). Something I understand : he canīt afford to care.

So, if for example Europeans start voting obligations for companies to respect certain ecological means of production, it will only result in bigger costs for those concerned. The Chinese will laugh their ***** off at stupid people like that who voluntarily double (for example) production costs just to be allowed to show off as being "nature-friendly". It simply wonīt work. It remains, unfortunately, a political issue.

If we had liberal democracy all over the world, maybe there would be a fair chance of all countries taking part in the action. But as it is, it is all illusion and vanity. It will need diseases "officially" linked to the problem to make people realize what is at stake. As long as the cause-consequence link is not certain, every "greenpeace" argument can and will be refuted.

Feel free to contradict. Bye.
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