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Originally Posted by DragonRat
Your wonderful commentary on anal stimulation aside, I don't really think my definition bolsters your argument any more than it would not mine.
Always pleased to be of service to your sex life chief. Oh, and it bolsters my argument as it doesn't specify gender, so why must marriage be between a man and a woman? Marriage merely means the coming together of two people according to your definitions, and a gay couple are both people. See?

As for the denotative argument, I find that the Oxford Dictionary is more agreeable to your standards, whereas the Merriam-Webster and American Heritage Dictionaries agree with my definition. As is, one can see the irony and contextual differences between British and American understanding of marriage :P.
Aye...sorry as an Englishman the Oxford is THE English dictionary...we spell the words correctly . Y'know colour (which is direct from the Old French) rather than color (which is from latin, ironic given English has very little direct link with latin, despite the roman invasion).

And is ironic that the two nations should have a different idea of marriage...I believe the divorce rates speak for themselves
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