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Originally Posted by Flightfreak View Post
To be honest Hazzle I can’t figure out why you’d be against it. You sum me up what the disadvantages are of the global warming hype. What is the disadvantage of a more energy efficient industries?
Don't be silly Pieter. I know you can read. However I'll be kind and sum it up for you again in one word; cost. For a 2% reduction in global temperatures which will make NO DIFFERENCE to the Global Warming epidemic the ability to create cheap products will disappear overnight. You may not consider cost to be a big issue, that's because you're financially comfortable enough to make that decision. Can you truly say the same about every single person on the planet? You mention the growing population, and yet you forget that all those people need feeding. Food may grow on trees (pardon the pun) but the increased costs of transporting food across the world would make most foods entirely too expensive for many, meaning that their nutrition will suffer, and people will die, so what problem are you solving, exactly?

Ultimately the important thing is you can have all the energy efficient industries you want. It won't make a blind bit of difference when we have another Ice Age, as seems likely. What will is the intervening period and I for one think we have more pressing matters than trying to battle something we can't change. What good is a fantastic environment if in the meanwhile billions of people die? The disadvantages are clear; energy efficiency will work in some industries, in others it will make them unviable. I encourage energy efficiency WHERE PRACTICAL but people like you advocate far more far-reaching provisions than that. Frankly you're naive.

I tell you what, you can keep going on about the effect of global warming, and what we must do to change things, and in a way, actually, I hope industry does change. When it all proves fruitless and the temperature continues to rise, I'll get to say I told you so. Then I suppose you can apologise to the billions who will be unable to afford food and housing. If they're still alive for you to apologise to, that is.
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