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Originally Posted by acliff
Entirely depends on how pretty you are.
Seriously though, as long as you're a nice person, you'll get on fine.
A finely tuned sense of humour, intelligence, and work ethic helps too.
Most people are fairly open minded, and its more about how you make them feel rather than where you're from or what you look like.

Although just the other day at work, I had finished making a string handle for this woman for her newly purchased hifi, and as per usual, I put my all into it, and the handle was good.
The woman woman says in an extremely condescending way:
'I bet you're good at origami aintcha!'

At which point I smile sweetly. Whereas my manager's face becomes one of extreme shock, and my work collegue has to go around the corner to laugh his face off. The woman I think realised that what she said wasn't particularly appropriate so hurried out without another word.
In America, the white women are good at origami, and yoga.
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