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Originally Posted by CollisionStar
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG!! *runs across the beach all sexy with open arms* I know I already sent you a message, but I'm glad to see you're back. I just got back here today! What a loser I am! *sigh* I didn't know they restarted the KKP, but I put my old number on my sig. I like my lil' 190, thank you very much! :icon_bigg

She's just the greatest. I was so sad when .com went down because I couldn't talk to her! I would also like to note that if anyone shafts Keirazbabe, I will gladly marry her. So be warned!
Lmfao... *realises im on a beach somehow and runs up to ye.. huggggggge hugglez* haha.. look at you looking all sexy on a beach! lmfao. Well its about time you found this place me dears! haha..took ye time but yay

Awww darlin you're too kind *mwahz* your offer of marriage is taken into consideration tee hee

Good to see you back

Megan xXx
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