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Clearly C02 emissions are causing Global Warming. I just completed my Geology class and we had a whole section on this. Yes, while the earth is naturally warming and cooling, the problem is that, recently (like since the industrial revolution), the earth has heated up much faster than normal. In fact, what normally took thousands of years has happened in 100. C02 is a greenhouse gas which helps keep the Earth warm (therefore life is sustainable). The sun gives off light and heat...without the greenhouse gases, the infared light (heat waves) would simply fly back out into space. With the increased C02 however, more heat is trapped, causing a global temperature rise. Consider the fact that the North Pole is losing more and more ice each year. Also, keep in mind that Mount Kilimanjaro has lost a significant amount of ice since 1920 (something like 80%) This is all evidence of Global Warming. Deny all you want, but you can't ignore the relation between the increased temperature in such a short time, coupled with the increased levels of C02 and Methane in our atmosphere.
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