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Originally Posted by Foeni View Post
In the last 24 posts, 17 of them were by guys. Pretty well done in the Girls' section, huh
Topic time?
Uh. We're allowed to post in the girl's section. That was cleared up a while ago. The point of the section is more to provide an area where girls feel safer because us blokes are kept on a much tighter leash here.

And it's on-topic to discuss the broader implications. If we narrowed it down to exactly what Baz asked in the first post the thread would basically be over by now as I doubt many women would differ heavily from the "tall, dark and handsome" model PD mentioned, and although they may disagree on things like facial hair, long hair etc, I'd be pretty certain all those opinions will have been canvassed on this thread by now.

Lighten up Fo!

Oh, and btw PD, you're so short-ist. I'm going to go cry now...
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