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Its me Erinyes but I decided to change my name.
I'm 17 living in Australia.
I LOVE music. At the moment our head of music is encouraging us to listen to a broader range of music before our final exam, (I'm in yr 12, the last yr of school) so my favorite song is "Glitter and be Gay" Which is definately NOT what I usually listen to ie: Peaches and like mentee Ashlyn, Muse!
I play hockey. Field hockey with the wooden sticks on turf. I get pretty aggro on the field and the game before lost I made a woman bleed in the head when I accidentally whacked her with my stick...oops...
My favorite movies are Kill Bill 1 and 2 and DAWN OF THE DEAD The remake released this year because its SOOOOOO funny! I recommend it to EVERYone.

And now I have to finish my music assessment lol.
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