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Originally Posted by hasselbrad View Post
There is a Princess Diana movie in the works, but it's really early. And, it has a German actress named Jenny Elvers attached to play Diana.
Was? Die shauspielerin ist nicht Keira? das is Schade. Scheisse. Scheisse.

Translation: figure it out.

Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Dear Lord. Not a Diana movie. For fuck's sake she was a whore who cheated on her husband with numerous men, courted the media when it suited her in her war with Good Old Liz and then when they turned on her, her media obsession caused her death in an ironic twist. So she did work for charity, so does Princess Anne, and most people hate her. I for one was glad to see the back of her, and don't for one second mourn her loss.
I don't know much about the princess. but people love royals, especially we Americas. but my guess, she would be selling herself short.
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