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I was impressed by Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'. He lay down lots of statistics, causes and effects that have happened to the Earth during its existence. He stated that the changes have been drastically stronger during the past 50 or so years than in the entire history of the planet (as much as can be measured). In just 50 years population has multiplied from roughly 2-3 billion to over 6 billion people. Remember, that to get to the 2 billion took us thousands of years. Greenhouse effect is real. Industry pushes out tons and tons of CO2 plus many other cemicals that do hurt the climate and the atmosphere. Temperature measurements show from 1880 to this day that ten hottest years during this time period have all occured during the past fourteen years. Glaciers that are vital to the balance of Earth's climate systems are retreating which can be seen in before-and-after satellite photographs. This means that if the same rate of melting continues, most of the coastline cities will be drowned, such as New York, L.A. and so on. The sea level will rise at least 6 meters. Almost a thousand scientific articles that were reviewed tells that they either sided with the theory that global warming is in fact human-caused or did not comment on it. None of them declined the theory about human-caused effects.

Global warming is reality and it gets worse as we 'speak'. There is no question about its reliability. This fact is supported by the fact that some people who were dealt with White House's climate politics forged climate change documents to support growing industry with the cost of greenhouse effect and global warming. And why not? US's most financial income comes from coal-based industry and they are willing to take a stand for it until now some changes can be seen in the WH's climate politics. Other nations also have the same issues, US is not the only 'bad guy' even though majority (compared to other nations) of the CO2 pollution comes from US.

It is quite possible that these devastating natural disasters that have occured in the past few years (i.e. Hurricane Katrina) are nature's way to deal with the growing stress towards ecosystems that humans cause with their thoughtless actions. Every day areas the size of soccer fields are being cut down in the Amazonian rainforests to make room for cattle and cultivation. And since the soil in rainforests is very delicate, the forests cannot be re-planted because the soil cannot support it anymore. So the damage they do is permanent.

All in all, those people who say that climate change and global warming is not true are idiots, if you ask me. One doesn't have to be a scientist to see what effects we have to our surroundings, how we are becoming increasingly efficient in destroying our living environment. We are digging our own grave my dear friends.
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