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[Flash] two stories I would like to share.

Ok, the story goes like this, I have a friend, who is very good at graphic design, so I was telling him a few stories of things that had happened to my friends and he got the idea to turn two of them into flashes.

1. Church of Dew - 2.22MB - About a friend who was went to church every Saturday, he would always take a can of mountain dew with him to drink, he was also in charge of church finances, so he was in charge of money, only problem was, he was a bit greedy, he ended up using the money to buy himself personal items, as you will see.

2. The monster that was Canadian - 1.24MB - Friend went to Canada for a "pleasure trip" he saw a shadow in the window of what appeared to be a good looking girl, so he whistled and yelled comments, but as he soon found out, she wasn't so hot after all.
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