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Originally Posted by DanMan View Post
Well, better make that three KKW members that read constantly!
I recently read "The Davinci Code" and recommend it to everyone.
I also read Atonement and hated it! The movie does seem to have
some changes that allow Keira's Character quite a bit more face time it
appears than if they went strictly by the novel.
I read lots of books on architecture even though I am no longer
pursuing a degree in that field.
You hated Atonement? I read it after reading Ian McEwan's Saturday, and I loved both novels. Also started his novel The Cement Garden, but that one was way too weird for me on so many levels.

Atonement really is Briony's story, and Cecilia is a minor character. However, Briony's actions greatly influence Cecilia's life. I think the director originally wanted her to play one of the Brionies, even.

Anyway, I thought it was incredibly well-written. Even though the story was predictable enough after a certain point, his characters kept the story from becoming bland.

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