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Keira Knightley fantastic actor


Keira your a great actor you should continue with your role...

pirates of the caribbean 1,2,3
You where a great part in all of these movies without you who's going to marrey Will in 10 years? (for those who havent seen pirates of the caribbean 3 i wont tell you why he's comeing in 10 years) Captain Jack Sparrow who will be the one to tell him to tell him it wont work out?? You became the Pirate King. Elizabeth Swan must stay in the movie. We need to find out what will happen with you and Jack. After i heard that you didnt want to be apart of the movie i felt like DUDE NO! they cant replace you at all. Jack Sparrow Will Turner or Elizabeth Swan! you guys work so good together your movie keeps me interested for hours i love eating popcorn to your movie I went to pirates of the caribbean 3 and it was JAM PACKED! It's awsome knowing the same old people you saw in october are back for a nother go! It wasent like spider man where they make you wait 3-4 years before they come out with a movie wicth was like 1/100th as good as pirates of the caribbean. Keira please participate in the next movie. I will see it forsure! You can allways play Elizabeth Swan, She has such a good part in the movie.

Keep up the good work!

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