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PeeDee, on a completely platonic level, I love you.

Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
I bought "Timbuktu" by Paul Auster but haven't started it yet, I've heard many different opinions on him and can't wait to make up my own.
I am supposed to read the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster, but I have only read the opening paragraph so far (it was part of an exam). It sounds incredibly interesting, though, and the teacher recommending it is positively awesome, so I'll have to try to get my hands on it.

I am currently reading Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, recommended by the wonderful Margarita. Hardly any of you have had the pleasure of knowing this most awesome KKW member, but she rocks, trust me. And so does the book, so far. I'll post a more comprehensive review once I've finished it.

In the quick read section, I am reading Nora Roberts' Heaven and Earth, because it's about witches and beautifully cheesy.

Bullets19, you read, and therefore you know the importance of punctation. Could you try using a fecking full stop occasionally? Thank you.
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