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Originally Posted by Leonie View Post
I think he means stamps for the self-addressed envelope that Keira will hopefully send back from Britain to Finland.

Ask your post office if they IRC's (International Reply Coupons or something like that).
That's right. The problem isn't indeed to send it to England but to get it back. Those IRCs, gotta remember to ask for those.

I was wondering that it would be cool to send her the covers of, for example, POTC movies and get her autograph on those but the third isn't on DVD yet so perhaps something else or then I have to wait... I haven't really seen many posters or stuff on sale in stores here that could be used for the autograph purpose. Many of the posters are usually about Jack Sparrow or Will Turner (when speaking of POTC posters). Some sort of artbook about the movie or other KK movies stuff would be nice to get signed.
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