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Originally Posted by Leonie
Woopdidoo - I'm an example

I don't think there's a single Dutch Keira board. Secondly, even if there'd be one, it could never be as much fun as KKW or whatever we go by these days.
Cliff's taken to calling it KKforums but I think in most people's hearts it'll be KKW...eventually we'll get used to calling it I assume...

Gg Haz for bringing up the subject, nice to see a native speaker cares

Sarcasm is nice, mocking people just because they were born in a non English speaking country isn't. Don't people such as myself deserve a little respect for at least trying?
Those are my sentiments exactly. This is why I don't view what Poggs did as bad...anyway...he's a MOD .

The rules clearly state what a mod says goes...if they're breaking the rules or are misbehaving, it's not your place to criticise them publically, merely mention it to the admin team, lodge a complaint and let them take care of it if they feel there's a problem

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