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I really liked it. I had to see it twice because the first time I saw it I didn't know there was the little thing after the credits and we were kind of rushed out of the theater. But I went back again just to see that thing after the credits. The only thing I have a problem with in all these movies is the "why is the rum gone" jokes. In the second movie it was funny but then when they put it in the 3rd movie it botherd me because it got old. But I really enjoyed the movie. I can't really say which is my favorite. My question is Will they make a 4th one? I know that the movies were only suppose to be a trilogy but I think they left some cliffhangers after this 3rd movie. Especially after you saw the end credits with the kid and elizabeth. I really think they could do something with the Kid and does jack ever become immortal? Also in an interview with Jerry Bruckhimer when asked about a 4th movie he said "well there was only suppose to be 3 but there may be a 4th movie" so in my opnion there is about a 50/50 chance there could be a 4th one.
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