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Thought i'd put my two cents into this thread. I think they could make a 4th one. Considering Jack Sparrow still wants to be immortal there are more ways than just being the captian of the duchman that can make him immortal. Also if you watched the after credits thing you see Elizabeth with a kid. So then there's the whole ordeal how will Will react to seeing he has a 10-year old kid. Also wasnt Will 10 when his father left to go pirateing. So they could do something with the kid. And Will is immortal now and that means the kid is 1/2 immortal and 1/2 not so would that effect his life at all? What about the way the black pearl was taken again. They could do something again with jack trying to get the pearl back while trying to find the waters of life. So I do think they can make a fairly good premise for a fourth movie. Also I was watching some talk show (dont remember which one) and they were interviewing Jerry Bruckhimer(sp?) and when asked about a 4th movie his reponse was "I dont know maybe,we'd have to come up with a premise first" So in my opnion there's about a 50/50 chance they make a 4th one.
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