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Originally Posted by jessmutch View Post
i can not believe they are band from watching disney movies jesus, just buy them portable dvd players and tell this step-father that they can watch want they fucking well want as it is your dvd players they re watching them on, plus it is your daughter whereas he is only a step-father, by blood you should have the highest authority. Dont let that prick push your kids around.
I could have never lived with out disney films. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE WORLD COMING TO.

I feel better after that little rant. Now for another one:
WHY THE FUCK do people still finding it amusing to take the shit out of me for having red hair. For fuck sake you think that they would realise i knew what the colour of my hair was every time they came out with "Ginger". Jesus christ come up with something new. I for one lke the colour of my hair, why are people so simple minded that they can not accept someone who is different. (and takes a deep breathe)
Yeah I don't get that "ginger" thang either, what gives, it started a couple yrs ago an there still at it and usual it is members of th echavtastic crowd, and I don't know what they're thinking cos it really isn't a diss yh know, lol.
Sexy is as sexy wants.
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