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Must I pull out the old dictionary definition trick, Haz?

wed ( P ) Pronunciation Key (wd)
v. wed¡Pded, wed, or wed¡Pded wed¡Pding, weds
v. tr.
a. To take as a spouse; marry.
b. To perform the marriage ceremony for; join in matrimony.

c. To unite closely: a style that weds form and function.
d. To cause to adhere devotedly or stubbornly: He was wedded to the idea of building a new school.

v. intr.
a. To take a spouse; marry.

mar¡Pried ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mrd)

a. Having a spouse: a married woman; a married man.
b. United in matrimony: a married couple.

I fail to see how these two words are syntactually different from another. You could blame the church all you want for their blindness or ignorance, but back in the primitive days, did men 'wed' other men, or did women 'wed' other women? If so, why would they? The concept of binding each other in union is to procreate and help the species grow and survive.
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